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TIMELAPSE VIDEO – First “Monsoon Season” afternoon in Tucson

Learning how to use your camera will save time

…though you might miss great moments like this.

Tucson Weather – We love all five seasons

These are a few of our “Tucson Weather” photos taken over the last couple of years. Tucson is an amazing place to see sunsets, sunrises, monsoon storms, lightning and cloud formations. Did you know there are five seasons here? We hope you enjoy the video.

Music courtesy of Rumblefish Music Licensing Store.
Song:  Head in the Clouds
Artist:  Robot Lunch Break
Album:  Robot Lunch Break

Tucson Hummingbird sings a morning song

Here is one of the regular little hummingbirds this morning, whistling a tune to let the others know that the nearby hummingbird feeder belongs to it. It rained hard last night and the hummingbirds where out in force at the feeders, chasing one another away. They were back at it this morning.

The high pitch whistle is the hummingbird, though you can hear cactus wren, a gila woodpecker, finch, gambel’s quail and doves flapping their wings in the background.

Birding in the

VIDEO – Arizona DPS Rescue near Finger Rock Tucson, Arizona

Southern Arizona DPS Rescue near Finger Rock in the Catalalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. The point and zoom Canon SX-10 camera from 2 miles away makes the video a bit shaky, but you can see the helicopter hoisting a rescuer and a hiker out of the canyon. We confirmed with Pima County Sheriff’s Department Communications Office that it was rescue, and not a training exercise, and the person was safe.

This was a rescue near Finger Rock in Tucson, Arizona late afternoon/early evening.

CLICK HERE to see our FLICKR Photos of the RESCUE

Rescue at Finger Rock

Rescue at Finger Rock

We first saw one helicopter fly overhead, and appeared to return to Tucson after searching for a while. Shortly thereafter, two DPS Rescue helicopters returned. One flew over the Catalina Mountains between Pusch Ridge and Finger Rock, flying high and slow. The second helicopter flew slowly above Finger Rock. Shortly after that, the second helicopter descended into the canyon near the Finger Rock Trailhead entrance. We could not see it until it started to rise with what looked like a person(s) being hoisted out.

Can you imagine that ride along these cliffs at these heights? These rescue crews are amazing!

Oh, in the audio you can hear dove, sparrows, finch, cactus wren, woodpecker, high-pitched hummingbirds, and a low-pitched helicopter bird. Their sounds were the best narration.

Great job SARA – Southern Arizona Rescue Association!!!

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