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Tucson monsoon season off to a good start

Just another beautiful sunset in Tucson tonight

Tucson Sunset

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Too cloudy to see the blue moon in Tucson, but we did see this sunset tonight

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Tucson Sunset

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Sunset showers in Tucson tonight

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Sundown in Tucson Arizona tonight

Sundown in Tucson

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Tucson weather finally cools down

Tucson sunset tonight

Tucson sunset tonight

Normally, Tucson monsoon season summers are normally our favorite time of year. The summer monsoon storms roll in from Mexico and cool down the desert with spectacular storms packed with thunder and lightning.  The plants explode and the Catalina Mountains turn a rich green. Though not this past summer.  The monsoon storms seemed to dissapate rather than continue to build during the late afternoons, or early evenings, as they usually do. Felt like we were in Phoenix. So, it was a long hot summer in Tucson.

But finally, the weather has cooled and the weather is spectacular outside. Tempatures are in the 80’s in the day and 50’s at night. A week from today, the highs are expected to be in the 70’s and the lows down to 50. Get the mesquite firewood ready!

They say (whoever they is) that the winter is supposed to be cooler and wetter than normal. We will let you know if that happens. 


Just another spectacular Tucson sunset

Tucson sunsets are truly incredible all year. Here is a photograph of tonight’s sunset.

Tonight's Tucson Sunset
Tonight’s Tucson Sunset

CLICK HERE to see more photographs of our Tucson sunsets.

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