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Video tour of St. David, Arizona in Cochise County

St. David, Arizona in Cochise County, just south of Benson.

Music courtesy of Rumblefish Music Licensing Store.
Song:  Lucky Guy
Artist:  Paul Reece
Album:  The Lucky Guy (Instrumentals)

Is Frommer’s really a reliable source for Arizona travel information?

Elk in Flagstaff two weeks ago

Elk in Flagstaff two weeks ago

Arthur Frommer recently blogged about his gun control views, and revealed how little he knows about the Constitution and Arizona. We are not condoning intimidation of any kind, whether it be by legal firearms carriers in Arizona or ACORN members.

But, Mr. Frommers comments like, “I will begin thinking about whether tourists should safeguard themselves by avoiding stays in Arizonaare ludicrous and fear mongering. We love, live, and document the great places to visit in Arizona almost everyday. 

Listen to the friendly welcoming people that do live here, unlike Frommer’s, a travel guide by a guy that doesn’t.

Arizona is a great place to visit, and for Mr. Frommer to suggest,  “should we all organize a travel boycott of Arizona“, punishing everyone in Arizona is unfair.

Folk’s, you don’t need Frommer’s anyway. for yourself.

Southwest Wing’s Birding and Nature Festival in Sierra Vista Aug 5 -9

Summer monsoon rain in Sierra Vista Canyons

Summer monsoon rain in Sierra Vista Canyons

The 18th Annual Southwest Wing’s Birding and Nature Festival will be held at the Windemere Hotel in Sierra Vista in Cochise County, Arizona.

The San Pedro Valley offers wonderful opportunities for bird watching. You can find good viewing at Sawmill Huachuca, The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Ramsey Canyon and other canyons including Ash, Carr and Miller Canyons. The Huachuca Audubon Society offer excellent information on birding.

There are some great little B&B’s and cabins in Sierra Visita. Take an extra day and be sure to visit the historic Fort Huachuca Historical Museum.

For more information on Sierra Vista, Arizona, (and view our slideshow of Sierra Vista).

St. David Farmer’s Market each Saturday in Cochise County

Local St. David pistachio sellers

Local St. David pistachio sellers

The first St. David Farmer’s Market was held last Saturday in beautiful Cochise County

The San Pedro Valley News reported, “The market, which will be held weekly each Saturday through October and in partnership with St. David School, is the first of its kind in the state, said Valerie McCaffrey, chairman of Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture, (B.A.S.A.) an educational non-profit that promotes local organic food production and marketing in southern or “lower” Arizona“.

We were just down in St. David for the annual FIESTA DE LA PRIMAVERA Celebration at the Holy Trinity Monestary.

If you have never been to St. David, it is an easy drive from Tucson and  just south of Benson, Arizona. It is truly a beautiful place. What is so striking about St. David is how green it is. When you are there, it is hard to believe you are in the Arizona desert.

Be sure to go into the grounds of the Holy Trinity Monestary. There are beautiful trails to walk, and from the parking lot there is a bird trail that takes you to the Santa Pedro River. Though the river is approximately a mile or less, depending which way you go. Be sure to bring water. And, if you find a lens cap to a Canon camera out there, that would be mine. I lost it there.

Enjoy our slideshows of beautiful St. David, Arizona:

St. David – NATURE | MONASTERY | ART – Slideshow #1
St. David – FIESTA DE LA PRIMAVERA – Slideshow #2

hdr – high dynamic range in st david, arizona

Photomatix is  program that program that creates and processes HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Worth every penny, and really fun in our opinion. We have not used it that much, though everytime we do it exceeds our expectations. You can use it to make photo images look realistic and rich, or maybe give them a surreal look, like this banjo player in St David, Arizona. There are NO RULES! So, enjoy it and have fun! Here is one of our Photomatix HDR images of a banjo player in St. David, Arizona.


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