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Buffalo Soldiers reburied with military honors in Santa Fe, New Mexico

forthuaToday, the Associated Press reported3 Buffalo Soldiers reburied at national cemetery” in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Members of the ARIZONA Buffalo Soldiers Association served as pallbearers. Tribute by more than 100 people was paid to Army Privates Thomas Smith, Levi Morris and David Ford. The soldiers were among the many African-Americans in the Army who served at remote outposts on the Western frontier.

Sierra Vista, Arizona is just over 50 years old. It began as a support town to US Army base, Fort Huachuca , which opened in 1954. However, the original Historic Fort Huachuca, was established in 1877. Fort Huachuca is also the original home of the Buffalo Soldiers. Today, Fort Huachuca is a National Historic Landmark, and operates the Fort Huachuca Historical Museum.

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