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Apache Spirit Ranch in Tombstone, Arizona

Looking for an Arizona Old West experience? Well, you can find one just 2.5 miles west of Tombstone at Apache Spirit Ranch. Each guest room has a special Western theme, individually decorated with stylish interior modeled from that special time, with all the modern comforts of today. Cozy beds, modern bathrooms, original and unique decorations and an unprecedented attention to detail.

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Find Old West antiques and more in Copper Country Antiques in Tucson

Copper Country Antiques, is the largest Antiques and Collectibles mall in Tucson, Arizona and just plain fun to walk around. They have over 32,000 square feet of retail space and their antique mall features over 160 antique dealers under one roof. You can find great food inside at the restaurant  – Buffalo Bistro.

Find anything and everything you can and can’t imagine at Copper Country Antiques on Speedway and Rosemont in Tucson.

Take a video tour of Willcox, Arizona in Cochise County

Visit Willcox in Cochise County in Southern Arizona.

Music courtesy of Rumblefish Music Licensing Store.
Song: Flakey
Artist: Dennis Hitchcox
Album: Instrumentals Volume I

Video tour of Tombstone, Arizona in Cochise County

Visit Tombstone

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Song Hoot & Fox
Artist: Wes Houle
Album: A Time of Legends

Happy Halloween Eve from Historic Willcox, Arizona

Halloween Sheriff in Willcox, AZ
Halloween Sheriff in Willcox, AZ

We went down to the old western town of Willcox, Arizona today. We drove slowly through town because the Halloween Sheriff was watching. Willcox, Arizona is an historic old western town in Cochise County, Arizona.

While we were there, we stopped and ate at Big Tex Bar-B-Que’s Dining Car Restaurant. It is bigger than it looks. The service and food at this family restaurant were great, and we will be back. We have to admit that we did not have barbeque though. Why? Because I was across the street looking for treasures in a thrift shop, and someone from Louisiana ordered for me. What was ordered? The Special – catfish, fries, and cole slaw (Louisiana dish, of course). It was delicious though, but next time I will do my own ordering. You have to have BBQ at a BBQ place, in my opinion…at least the first visit.

One of the Willcox locals recommended that we stop by Buffalo Sisters Trading Post down the street. It was a cozy shop with antiques, art, furniture and other treasures. But the best part was meeting the wonderful Buffalo Sisters shop owner, Jetty White (also known as Red Elk). She had a shop full of interesting things, and friendly locals that we enjoyed talking to.

We heard some exciting things about Willcox’s Wine Country, and plan on returning during Rex Allen Days and Wings Over Willcox. We left, heading back to Tucson, riding into the Willcox sunset tonight.

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Jerry Parra – ARTIST in Oracle, Arizona

Arizona Art in Oracle, AZ

Arizona Art in Oracle, AZ

This is more than just a cool artist’s gallery. It is almost like a little tiny town. Drive in there if you are in Oracle, AZ.

The Jerra Parra Art Gallery and Ranch Store Center in Oracle, Arizona is a must visit. It is uplifting.

Jerry Parra is an accomplished sculptor of unique and unusual metal artwork. He puts his imagination to use by creating “larger than life” sculpture and garden art. His pieces are made from recycled metal, car and motorcycle parts. Jerry is also keeping the mining culture alive in the Oracle area by using in his artwork old scrap metal and tools purchased from the now-closed local copper mine.”

Parra is not just a Sculptor/Artist, but “Sue and Jerry” Parra are also Historians, Curators, Antique Dealers, Jewelry Designers, and Architects. And, much more I am sure.

Their amazing place kind of reminds me of an Oracle’s Ted Degrazia’s Gallery in the Sun in that their living and working space becomes a work of art in itself.  The whole “property” or “”gallery” is art. Degrazia’s Gallery and Parra’s Gallery both inspire

Oracle, Arizona SLIDESHOW

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