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What is the biggest cat you have ever seen on a saguaro cactus in Arizona?

Laughing Mountain Lion by SearchNetMedia
Mountain Lion, a photo by SearchNetMedia on Flickr.

Someone emailed me and asked if I had ever taken a photograph of a bobcat on a saguaro cactus. I never have. However, one local Arizona resident recently had that opportunity.

BOBCAT on a saguaro cactus – Fox News

Coincidentally, I was reviewing photos of local Tucson Photographers and came across of this recently uploaded photo by an Oracle Photographer (North of Tucson) that uploaded a photo by his friend (taken at Roosevelt Lake) of a:

MOUNTAIN LION on a saguaro cactus – click here

I have never seen either a bobcat or a mountain lion on a saguaro cactus. Incredible images by these photographers.

Mountain Lion sightings in Phoenix East Valley

Mountain lions have been recently reported along the lower Salt River in the far East Valley (Phoenix). We have talked to several people in the Catalina Foothills Tucson area that have seen them over the last four years. The most recent sighting a month ago.

Mountain Lion

Originally uploaded by SearchNetMedia

Monsoon rains return to Tucson – What a relief!

The cool monsoon rains returned to Southern Arizona last night with a fury. In the Foothills of the Catalina Mountains it was wind, sheets of rain and lightning. The sounds of thunder rolled through the canyons. The washes ran heavy last night, but were just smooth damp sand this morning. Fresh animal tracks were easy to spot today. Pictured here is either a mountain lion, or big bobcat track.

Fresh animal tracks in the Catalina Foothills

Fresh animal tracks in the Catalina Foothills

Looks like more storms headed in to Tucson shortly. Cameras are ready.

Mountain lion near Amado destroys farm’s petting zoo

Mountain lion

Mountain lion

Predator Xtreme reported, “Mountain Lion Wipes Out Farm’s Petting Zoo” in early July. The owners of Agua Linda Farm, a petting zoo farm near Amado, Arizona in the Santa Cruz Valley, had never seen a mountain lion on the premises until about a month ago. It destroyed sheep and goats. The mountain lion was treed and shot.

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch at Picacho Peak, near Casa Grande, had a big cat that took down some of their ostriches a while back. There have been hundreds of sightings mountain lions in the Tucson area. Last year, there were warning signs in Sabino Canyon. I have spoken to two people that have spotted them in the Catalina Foothills. The only ones I have seen are at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, pictured here.

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