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VIDEO of El Tour de Tucson – 2011

Tucson one of USA Today’s “10 great places for city cycling”

Mount Lemmon by SearchNetMedia
Mount Lemmon, a photo by SearchNetMedia on Flickr.

USA Today recently listed “10 great places for city cycling”, which included Tucson. It mentioned “cactus-studded Saguaro National Park”, or the “15-mile trip, along the Rillito River, offers sweeping views of the Santa Catalina Mountains”. However, if you are up to the challenge, consider biking from Tucson to Summerhaven at Mt. Lemmon, 28 miles above Tucson.

Tucson bikers enjoying the cool mornings

Tucson bikers

Originally uploaded by SearchNetMedia

Catalina State Park – An Arizona Treasure

Originally uploaded by SearchNetMedia

Catalina State Park, is 5,500 acres of foothills, canyons and streams where you can camp, picnick, hike and bird watch. More than 150 species of birds call this park home.

There are magnificent giant saguaro cactui and today the streams were flowing swiftly. You can ride you bike on road or on trails, and it is a great place to walk your dog.

Enjoy some of our photos taken today in this beautiful park by CLICKING HERE. – Catalina State Park, Oro Valley-Tucson, AZ

Sedona’s Arizona new roads are beautiful

Taken from a new Sedona Highway pulloff

Taken from a new Sedona Highway pulloff

Sedona’s $100 million highway project, which has been in progress for nearly five years is very impressive. We took 89A from Flagstaff, through Oak Creek Canyon, and into Sedona on Tuesday morning. We were very impressed with the beautiful roads with scenic pull-offs, and that had either bike paths along side or big wide red sidewalks.

It is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It certainly makes us want to return soon to take photographs, walk and ride our bikes.

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