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iPad App NOAA Radar US for watching Arizona monsoon storms

A great app for your iPad2 or iPhone is NOAA Radar US. Worth $1.99. Great for watching the Tucson monsoon storms move across the state.

Tucson 2011 monsoon light shows have not disappointed

Tucson monsoon season off to a good start

Finally, the monsoon arrives

First monsoon clouds of the season over Catalinas

Arizona summer monsoon is on its way

Taken today from the Catalina Foothills. Probably 50 miles south of Tucson. Good chance of rain between July 5th and 7th. 60% as of today.

Cooper’s Hawk that could use a towel in today’s monsoon rain

Wet Cooper’s Hawk

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Tucson Mountain going green from the monsoon rains

Severe weather in Tucson tonight

This is a photo at appoximately 8:00PM tonight in the Catalina Foothills.

Monsoon lightning

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Sunset showers in Tucson tonight

Discover Arizona

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