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Canadian Curis Resources copper mine ramping up in Florence Arizona?

Mining Weekly reports, “Curis sees full production by end-2013 at Arizona copper mine”.

Take a tour of downtown Florence, Arizona.

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Video tour of Florence, Arizona in Pinal County

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Traveling from Phoenix to Tucson? Stop in Florence, Arizona

Downtown Florence

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If you travel between Phoenix and Tucson, and want an experience off of the freeway, then an enjoyable route is one where you stop in Florence, Arizona. From Phoenix, you will travel by the Superstition Mountains, and then head south at Florence Junction. Downtown Florence has some wonderful historic architecture, shops, and restaurants. If you have a pet that you want to walk, or just want to stretch, stop by McFarland State Historic on Ruggles Street, right across from Town Hall.

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Wildlflowers in bloom along Pinal Pioneer Parkway

Arizona wildflowers

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Pinal Pioneer Parkway is a 42-mile, two-lane highway that crosses a broad, almost untouched section of Sonoran Desert between Oracle Junction (just north of Tucson and west of Oracle) and Florence. Along the road you can stop at the Tom Mix Memorial, and picnic areas.

It is a very scenic drive and currently has beautiful wildflowers that line the roadside.

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Discover more of Arizona in Historic Florence

Florence, Arizona is a little town about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. Most people drive the I-10 that are traveling between Tucson and Phoenix, which goes through Casa Grande, instead of Florence.

In the Old West, wagon loads of ore would have traveled from Tucson, through Florence, to Phoenix. For regular travelers today between Arizona’s two largest cities, it is nice to take this more scenic drive. It is a two-way road, so not as safe to travel as the freeway, however, the desert is beautiful and Florence makes a good place to stop.  You can walk around, shop, and eat.

Florence boomed in the 1870’s as miners from Silver King Mine and cowboys from local ranches rode in to Florence for fun and business. In 1909, the territorial prison was moved from Yuma to Florence. Today, Florence is still home to prisons, an immigration center and a juvenile detention center. As you travel through Florence, you can not help but be surprised by the size of the existing prisons. But, just blocks west into town,  is quaint little Historical Florence that reflects the pride of those living there. Florence has worked hard in restoring historical buildings and homes. Many of the buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. As you walk around town, you can read about the history of the structures on plaques in front of each.

CLICK HERE for a Florence, Arizona SLIDESHOW.

So, visit Florence, Arizona. Another great place to Discover Arizona.

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