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Tombstone Wild West Days starts next weekend – Nov 27th and 28th

For detailed information, click here.

Visit Tombstone – take a VIDEO TOUR of Tombstone – click here

Tombstone Stagecoach

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Jerry Parra – ARTIST in Oracle, Arizona

Arizona Art in Oracle, AZ

Arizona Art in Oracle, AZ

This is more than just a cool artist’s gallery. It is almost like a little tiny town. Drive in there if you are in Oracle, AZ.

The Jerra Parra Art Gallery and Ranch Store Center in Oracle, Arizona is a must visit. It is uplifting.

Jerry Parra is an accomplished sculptor of unique and unusual metal artwork. He puts his imagination to use by creating “larger than life” sculpture and garden art. His pieces are made from recycled metal, car and motorcycle parts. Jerry is also keeping the mining culture alive in the Oracle area by using in his artwork old scrap metal and tools purchased from the now-closed local copper mine.”

Parra is not just a Sculptor/Artist, but “Sue and Jerry” Parra are also Historians, Curators, Antique Dealers, Jewelry Designers, and Architects. And, much more I am sure.

Their amazing place kind of reminds me of an Oracle’s Ted Degrazia’s Gallery in the Sun in that their living and working space becomes a work of art in itself.  The whole “property” or “”gallery” is art. Degrazia’s Gallery and Parra’s Gallery both inspire

Oracle, Arizona SLIDESHOW

Tucson pursues the silent movie industry

Tom Mix - Silent Film Cowboy StarInside Tucson Business reports, “Is it lights out for Tucson film?”

I don’t think any Tucsonans would be surprised about this. Many businesses and industries have left Tucson, and continue to leave. It would be helpful if Tucson’s city leadership examined why businesses and industries are leaving and why they can not be retained. Here are some interesting quotes from the article:

“The reason that New Mexico is getting the business is because of their attractive film incentives, it can’t be understated,” said Albuquerque film liaison Ann Learner.

“Take away the tax incentives and you all but take away the attention film producers lay to what the state has to offer, said Randy Murry, head of Randy Murry Productions. His company received such a credit for shooting parts of a BBC docudrama series in Arizona.”

Speaking of movies…”Anyone? Anyone? Tax incentives?”  I feel like Ben Stein in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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