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Space Shuttle Endeavour over Tucson honoring Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July by SearchNetMedia
Happy 4th of July, a photo by SearchNetMedia on Flickr.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Giant American Flag by SearchNetMedia
Giant American Flag, a photo by SearchNetMedia on Flickr.

“Band of Brothers” – Thank you US troops and veterans!

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Find Old West antiques and more in Copper Country Antiques in Tucson

Copper Country Antiques, is the largest Antiques and Collectibles mall in Tucson, Arizona and just plain fun to walk around. They have over 32,000 square feet of retail space and their antique mall features over 160 antique dealers under one roof. You can find great food inside at the restaurant  – Buffalo Bistro.

Find anything and everything you can and can’t imagine at Copper Country Antiques on Speedway and Rosemont in Tucson.

President Obama arriving in Tucson tomorrow – January 12th – escort helicopter here today

A-10 and F-16 aircraft flying practice runs in Tucson this week

Local Tucson TV news and the Arizona Daily Star reported that Tucson air traffic will be a bit different this week as military jets in practice may appear irregular in comparison to normal air activities.


Davis Monthan AFB Air Show

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Thank you, Veterans!

Pima Air and Space Museum

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Copper Country Antiques ‘Treasure’ Map

Shop from your desk with this treasure map of Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona.

Click on the booth, or case number and it’s just as though you were standing right there in front of it. Pictures are updated often, so check back.

From antique furniture to Zebra rugs, it is packed full of all sorts of interesting things.

Phone (520)326-0167 to see if an item is still available and just tell them the booth number. They will ship to you.

Copper Country Antiques Virtual Map

Copper Country Antiques

Originally uploaded by visualriver

This is a great place to shop, walk, and get out of the heat. You can even start your shopping trip right now by looking at a MAP of Copper Country Antiques. We will be updating it soon with the links so that you may view each booth and case.

If you are not here in Tucson Arizona, call them at 520-326-0167 and they will check to see if an item is still available. Just tell them which booth, or case number it is in from the map. They’ll ship it to you.

What’s on the Menu in Tucson today? for some great things to see and do.

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