Larry’s Honey at at the corner of Houghton Road and Speedway in Tucson

Larry's Honey by SearchNetMedia
Larry’s Honey, a photo by SearchNetMedia on Flickr.

Pure honey from Arizona, and bee pollen. Larry’s Honey is right at the edge of Tucson on Houghton and Speedway. His phone number is 520-270-1148. Call him for shipping info.

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  1. Amazing Honey! The health effects of honey are never-ending it seems.
    I just learned that it has antibacterial properties too. I shopped a bit while in AZ and found that this guy has the best prices too.
    If anyone knows if Mr. Larry’s Honey will ship honey, please post me a note! (Thanks!)

  2. Larry has a great selection of honey. I love the Dark Mesquite and Killer Bee.

  3. Larry will most certainly ship his honey, give him a call at 520-270-1148

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